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Reload Thread: 1 amp: bridge 4-channel into 2+1sub VS. 2 amps: 2-channel +1mono

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    1 amp: bridge 4-channel into 2+1sub VS. 2 amps: 2-channel +1mono

    I am looking for amp solutions to power my JBL ms-62c components and 10w1v3-4 sub. one 4-channel amp is cheap and less stress on my electric system. However, some say that the bridged 2 channel does not sound clear even with the on board crossover and its better off to get two separate amps for different jobs.
    any inputs help,

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    Re: 1 amp: bridge 4-channel into 2+1sub VS. 2 amps: 2-channel +1mono

    the 4 channel will work as long as the subs impedance is right .i use separate only because i dont like my whole system ran by 1 amp

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    Re: 1 amp: bridge 4-channel into 2+1sub VS. 2 amps: 2-channel +1mono

    A high output 4 channel amplifier should work fine as long as the subwoofer can be wired for 4 ohm load. A single 4-channel amplifier should not stress car's electrical system. When you bridge channels, they do see a lower impedance. If you connect a 4ohm subwoofer to bridged channels, they will see 2ohm impedance. This in theory could cause the amplifier to run less efficiently, perhaps slightly hotter., but the drop in efficiency from 80ish to 70ish % should not be a cause of concern with a single 4-channel amplifier. If you drive your speakers hard, I personally would recommend to buy a higher output Class D amplifier, such as PPI Phantom P900.4, Polk Class D, Alpine PDX, etc. There should be no heat/efficiency issues with those.

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