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Reload Thread: Help a newb with going active...

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    Re: Help a newb with going active...

    Quote Originally Posted by dirtboy25 View Post
    That's why I bought the 80prs... I'll go ahead and do an active 2 way and see where that puts me. Once I can use the 80prs in network mode I'll have a lot more I can play with.

    As far as getting away from the passive crossovers, how will I power the tweets? Will I need to buy a separate amp or can I use the internal amp on the HU somehow?

    I would only assume that if I use the same amp as my mids I wouldn't be able to separate them.
    You'll need 4 channels

    Quote Originally Posted by eCrack View Post
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    Taylorfail, v.2
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    tailorFail v.3
    Quote Originally Posted by brodeisel View Post
    TaylorFail v.4
    Quote Originally Posted by tat2bass View Post
    TaylorWin v.1?

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    Re: Help a newb with going active...

    Your lack of volume issue with the PRS80 in network mode might have been the level for each speaker. You have -25 to 0 for mids and tweets and -24 to +6 for the sub. Also SLA might need to be moved up a few clicks, I usually run mine at +2 or +3.

    I've been running active with PA stuff for several years, makes it very easy to swap mids/tweets and get them dialed in properly. I run TA in the daily but not in the demo ride.

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