I’ve been searching this and other forums looking for a setup for the new Silverados. As much as I would like to be able to install this 100% by myself I just don’t have the technical knowledge to wire it myself when it comes to the amps and speakers. Everything like mounting amps, sound deadening, speakers power, etc would be doable but when it comes to ohms, bridging and crossovers…you lose me. I’m almost 50 so me and car stereos go back to the days when a cassette deck, EQ and a few 6x9’s were all that. The reason I have chosen most of the gear below is because it’s what most of the shops have. I completely understand this stuff is overpriced, mainstream and there are 100’s of alternatives out there for cheaper but trying to find a shop that will work with you (at least in L.A.) to create a totally custom system is just about impossible. Also, I just want to get great SQ from the start and have no interest in spending time and money playing with various components until its right.

Keep it between $1500-2500
Keep my rear seat
Keep it stealth as possible
I listen to Rap & Rock and going for SQ
Use existing mounting areas for speakers (Bose)

Here is what I have I have so far.
Pioneer AVH 8400BH (already own)
Focal PS 165 in front door and A pillars
Focal ???? coaxials for rear doors
JL HD900/5
JL Stealthbox (two 10W1v2-4 subwoofers in a sealed enclosure. 600 watt power handling. Wired 2 ohm mono.) there is almost no space under the rear seats.
FatMat deadner

One shop quoted me $750.00 for the install.

Ideally I like to by all the gear and install it myself, then get some help with a wiring schematic and amp settings.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.