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    I need help ------

    OK i have been looking to drop a nice system into my vw jetta I plan on replacing all stock speakers im going to have a sealed box in the back i have 2 10 " MTX subs a 1000w amp and 2 farad cap. with a sony stereo ---I have a few plans for the inside but i have no idea what would sound better.

    Plan 1 was to put two 9 in square 3way speakers on the rear deck behind the backseat head rest.

    Plan 2 was to replace the two front 6.5 in 3way speakers and put two 6x9 3 ways on the rear deck

    Plan 3 was to replace two front tweeters , 2 front 6.5 and 2 rear

    i would like your oppinion on what i should do or what idea you like
    also will i need any special plug addapter for the speakers or will ther car audio place im bringing it to most likely wire it in for me ?

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    Re: I need help ------

    I would go with plan 2, if it was my car. I just find it easier, and less of a hassle. And do some research on the speakers you wanna get and your car's electrical wiring system. most cars don't need special adapters for speakers, I know my buddy's VW golf doesn't. But the place you plan on taking it to should wire them in for you, unless they are completely unprepared and don't have any of the necessary tools to accommodate the unexpected problem of needing an adapter. Just my opinion.

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