I am going to be powering:
FRONT (2) Ultimate Audio 5.25" Speakers 90w @ 4omns
FRONT (2) Ultimate Audio 3/4" Tweaters
BACK (2) Kenwood 6x9" Speakers 140w

What I want is Extreemly clean high's, with nice high base (Techno like base or rock type base; NOT loud thrunk rateling base)

Here is what I've found so far for my amp choice.

Rockford Fosgate G12004 Punch 200.4 50W x 4 Car Amplifier (Actualy [email protected])
Sony XM-475GSX 4 Channel Car Audio Amplifier (Actualy [email protected])
Pioneer GM-X364 300 Watt 4 Channel Amplifier (Actualy [email protected])
Jensen JXP680 (Actualy [email protected])
Lightning Audio Bolt B400.4 (Actualy [email protected])

Price wise I would match rather get Jensen amp, since I also need a new cd player and amp wiring kit, and monster rca cables; not to mention pay for instalation ( dont want to mess up my car its a 98 monte carlo)

So please advise me, correct me, enlighten me.

Thank you guys...