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Reload Thread: Strange power wire problem

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    Re: Strange power wire problem

    Quote Originally Posted by focushead View Post
    The ground is fine as far as I can tell. I'm determining that based on the fact that my previous amp worked great, no heat ups or anything like that, aside from its own internal problems. Also, the Remote On from the head produces nice little sparks off of the ground.

    The only thing I can think of and what I have heard is that the fuse is bad (and some minor current is passing as someone here mentioned) or possibly there is some corrosion preventing serious flow, although my battery terminals seem clean enough, I will check this out.
    But in all reality, why do you insist you ground all of your wires?

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    Re: Strange power wire problem

    I prefer the lick em and see method myself, seriously don't arc off the wires even if the fuse was good before it's not now!

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    Re: Strange power wire problem

    Well I have no more need to rub wires together. I appreciate all these answers but ya'll need to relax, it's just electricity it can be controlled we have the technology.

    Thanks for all the replies that have nothing to do with answering my question.

    To the ones that did, you were right, it was as simple as popping in a new fuse. I went to the store, put it in the holder, turned the car on and there was BASS.
    So apparently it is possible for leakage current to pass through a broken fuse.

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