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Reload Thread: Why is it at bestbuy..............

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    Why is it at bestbuy..............

    When I'm playing with th features on the pioneer and kenwood navi units trying to sync my phone to them, Does a best buy employee come up to help me out and takes over control of the radio to show me how to do it, and 25 mins later i just walk away cause he still was unable to figure it out, when im sure with in 5 mins I could have. How come I cant find a knowledgeable bestbuy?

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    Re: Why is it at bestbuy..............

    they svck D1CK.
    I took my mac mini in there one time because I stripped a screw on it when I was taking it apart. They sell macs. But had no idea what mine was. They thought it was a custom made computer.
    My friend (who is stupid) asked them about a usb wifi adapter. He asked if it would be compatible with his 64bit windows. (real stupid question). But the best part is. THE EMPLOYEE SAID NO. lol
    There knowledge base there is terrible.

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    Re: Why is it at bestbuy..............

    yea the guy at mine can actually install but doesnt know crap about the equipment he carries, if its not jl, pioneer, or rockford he's lost. its funny really last time i was in there he referred a customer to me since he knows i know a good bit about the smaller brands. i simply answered the questions as professionally a possible and he had a satisfied customer by the time i left. good thing was he actually listened to me and input correct info to back up my statements. he wants me to work in the bay with him so bad but i cant give up my current job at the plant for a job with half the pay or even less. he has his mecp certificate but only as a basic installer so i can understand his situation

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    Re: Why is it at bestbuy..............

    You live in Texas. LOL. Its hard, in my position I've stopped in some stores across the country to see what's going on in there and some have been great, some awful, some in the middle. There's no real standard that is enforced in the company from what I can see so you have anything from a trunk monkey, to very skilled installers (while few and far between). I've also been in "specialty shops" that didn't know how to integrate audio devices into a factory audio system...said it couldn't be done even.

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