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Reload Thread: Those with experience with 4runners enter...

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    Those with experience with 4runners enter...

    Hey Gentlemen!

    It's been a looooooong time since I've been in the audio scene, and on this forum, really for that matter. I have a job now that doesn't allow me to surf the web all day've FINALLY got an SUV! No more trunk cars...

    I just got an '09 Urban Runner (4runner) and I'm looking to get it as loud as possible, yet efficiently as possible. I had originally planned to throw my Stetsom 4k2d on a pair of 15s, but after some thinking, I may not do that. I may not go as big on the electrical as I had first imagined, which brings me to the reason for the origination of this thread.

    How many of you have messed with 4runners? Got'n 'em loud? My ONLY criteria is that I'd like to get it to a "50" in the most economically yet reliable way (electrically).

    What have some of you, or your friends run in their 4runners that has gotten really loud? Least amount of subs, powere...etc?

    I'm looking for some suggestions on some different routes to go in case I decide to not power up as much. Being that I have plenty of air to move now, I figured I could be a bit more efficient.

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    Re: Those with experience with 4runners enter...

    I have 2 mmats 10"s on 1200 watts in my wife's 2010. They are facing the floor behind the rear seat about 2" off the carpet. Not the loudest in the world but do have a really slow rolling bass ability, even with a sealed box.

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    Re: Those with experience with 4runners enter...

    the problem with 4runners is that they peak really low, i used several different boxes and it always peaked at 38hz... brutally loud but not meter loud. my high was a 148.6 @ 38 with 2 15s

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