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Reload Thread: As in the words of ice cube, today was a good day.

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    Icon33 As in the words of ice cube, today was a good day.


    1. ran some wire for my up-front 4x6s. so now I have 4x6s amped in the front and 6x9s amped in the back.

    2. I got my amp secured with some velcro. works pretty good, even for a driver like myself who hates wasting time getting from point A to point B. I know it's a thief's dream, but who wants a 65 watt amp? Next when my next installation of my hd-62efs in the front and my e12kx in the back comes around, velcro will be my box-securing solution.

    3. experienced real amplified music for hours and hours. I know you guys say it's a big step up, but dayyyum! I would turn to different songs and just reminisce(sp?) on how it used to sound. high hats sound more like "tt" than "sh" at high volumes. I like how the volume'll only be on like 23/46 and it's loud (for me)! I haven't even dared to turn to full volume for fear of going deaf!

    4. got my new motherboard today, installed it, however I need a standard case (this compaq presario one I got uses 1-connector for the LEDs & power switch instead of separate connectors, and the pin assignments are different). but it's good cause it came today.

    5. So bought a new case for $35 off ebay/free shipping. I spent money but "yay, a case is on the way"

    6. busted down a bust-diesel.

    ahh...what a good day.

    (oh yea, #7, my dad paid the phone bill...)

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    Re: As in the words of ice cube, today was a good day.

    Kind of nice to be able to respond to a thread that isn't asking a question.

    I actually listened to that song just because of you.

    I agree, the first time I started installing my C/A, I was just in bliss. You're going to love your CDT comps As well as your ED K sub. I run the same two brands and it's great sound for the money. I love setting my ***** up so I'm ballin' on a budget.

    Keep us posted.


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