I am currently in the process of planning my "SQL" system (I hate using that term, but it is truly what I feel I will be building). I would like some opinions from you guys on what should be replaced in this build, as I have been out of car audio for a few years now.

Subwoofers: Changed my mind from 2 18's ported under the Windows in my 2004 Ford Expedition to 4 18's sealed and in a wall. Think I will be going with TC Sounds LMS Ultra 5400's. Would like to be able to sit 5 in the vehicle (including myself), but obviously plan on tearing out the 3rd row seating.

Amplifiers: Zapco. Heard great things about them in terms of sound quality and reliability. Would be running them for subs and speakers.

Mids & Highs: 4 Sundown 6.5's per door along with 2 Selenium 350 Super Tweets and 4 additional Super Tweets across the top of the wall. I want this vehicle to be loud, but nothing sacrificed.

Batteries: 5 or 6 Kinetik 3800's + maybe an 1800 under the hood.

Alternators: Just PM'd Mechman asking what the largest alternator he makes for my vehicle is. Heard good things about their products. Is he the best choice for this type of project? Triple or Quad alternator setup if possible.

Sound Dampening: Second Skin products. Not going to go light here. I don't want a single rattle. I am sure I won't get them all, but I will try. Just want the audio experience to be enjoyable inside and out of the vehicle.

Headunit: Alpine INE-Z928HD. Was thinking about the Pioneer stage 4 headunit, but I would really like a touchscreen double din unit. Any other options here? I want navigation, Bluetooth and HD radio capabilities along with iPod connectivity.

Equalization: No clue what I am doing here. Rockford 3sixty.3? DQXS? Help!

If I left out anything, don't hesitate to ask. Just had surgery yesterday, so I am all sorts of messed up on meds. Any help is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance!