Hey guys, I have been a long time lurker and have read many posts and had to sign up today to get some help from the knowing around here because the info I have read is top notch.
I have a 2006 Cadillac Escalade and I recently upgraded my hu from a dnx7120 to a dnx7190hd. I also decided to replace the stock speakers and have been without an amp, but have a Mb quart onx60.4 on the way. I have Kicker zx750.1 pushing a L7 Kicker Solobaric. I swapped out the stock speakers in all four doors for 4 Polk db651's (the regular version) and put db1001's in the stock tweeter location. The sound is just ok and only at lower volumes, stock sounded way better, tweeters too harsh in the A pillar, cut the att. wire to reduce db by 3, but still harsh... I would have gone for the db6501 component system, but did not want the mid to be that far from the tweeter... I have read a bunch of stuff bout that being bad and also thought that I would still get the harshness up top.

When the mb quart arrives would it sound better to wire the coaxs in the doors to the amp and tweeters to the hu? Should I take out the tweeters and just run four speakers? Should I scrap the front and get the db6501, even though the tweeter will be further away? If so, could the amp I am getting push those to their full capacity? If not, what amp would you guys recommend?

I'm sorry for so many questions, but I am very new to this and have taken it upon myself to diy this project. Thank you in advance guys! If you guys have any other info, I will gladly accept it.