ok im pretty much inept when it comes to car audio but im sick of getting sold crappy stuff at shops on the recomendation of the owner i ended up with punch 10's that way and i way overpaid when i was 16, now im 22 and i have a soundstream rubicon 404 that is in good working order and i wanna put a system in my new 2004 scion xb when it gets delivered

what i would like
2 or 3 12"s aiming at sq but needs to boom if need be, id rather avoid 15's or 10's

i believe it has 4 mids and 2 tweeters if anyone could verify this id appreciate it (splits in the 200-250 range) and a pair of speakers for the rear same brand preferably id like to use the rubicon to power as much of that as possible and id like to avoid powering anything with the head.

what do you reccomend for subs, splits, amps on about a 1500 dollar budget for all that minus the head and the 404 i have its still in good working order

how about nakamichi subs anyone have a good word to say about them, ive always been impressed with their quality in the past ive also heard good things about image dynamics, diamond audio and everyone seems to be all about these re subs do they make a decently prices sub aimed at sq that wont bankrupt me trying to power it, and yes although i know its not important aesthetics are important to me not the basket but the cone and fat surrounds look cool also what kind of box should i use i know nothing about such things

any help would be greatly appreciated, and i dont mind if you push what you use, you use it for a reason, i must admit im impressed with the re stuff ive read about and if its really worth it i could increase the budget to about 2000 but id sacrifice getting a new head unit but my old alpine is still kickin it could always be replaced later i believe the alpine is the 7965 (sound right) from circa 3 years ago..

thanks again i cant wait to hear what yall think i should buy

note- i would like to avoid paper cone splits if at all possible i cant tell you how many pairs of quarts i ruined by gettin em the littlest bit wet.