I might have done something stupid. Yesterday, I bought a new RCA cable because it looked like a better shielded model than the RCA cable I had already. After installation, I started driving to work and put the stereo on. After a few moments I realized there was no sound coming through the left channel.

So I pulled over to the side of the road and then without turning off the engine or the stereo, I went to check the amp in the trunk. I pulled out the RCA connections ( I use splitters to 4 channels because the HU only has one 1 X pre-out) and firmly pushed them back in again.

Then after getting back in the car, I reached behind the console under the dash to the back of the HU ( you can do this in an '88 Prelude) and made sure the RCA jacks back there were firmly connected to the cable. Check and check, but no improvement, so I decided to just turn off the stereo and keep driving.

The next morning, I had completely forgotten about this incident, and when I got back in the car, I simply turned on the stereo as normal. This time the amp went straight into protection mode, sort of. You see, the protect light keeps turning on and off at a steady rhythm and this is accompanied by a thumping effect from the speakers. This effect occurs even in 'stand-by mode'.

I've since replaced the RCAs with a working pair, but it made no difference. I've checked and experimented with the ground connection but still nothing. I've checked the on-board fuses as well as the line fuse, but they are perfectly fine. I've pulled out all the speaker cables, but still it keeps blinking, blinking, blinking, blankly at me.

As I think back to when I first opened the trunk and ventured into the amplifier's lair, it is of no doubt that something terrible happened that day, but I know not what. Perhaps leaking capacitors, perhaps transistors, who knows? My nights are filled with yearning and the days, they give me no pleasure. Voices whisper in my mind haunted by visions of Atlantean spires as I await the coming of Ragnarok. Let him be buried with his amp.