Hello Everyone,

Been lurking for awhile decided to start posting. I appreciate all of the effort you guys put in to these forums, I have already learned alot, and am hoping to get some input on finishing off my system.

I have a Jeep Wrangler and am running a Kenwood X-996 Deck, Infinity Kappa 5.25's in the Dash and 6.5s in the sound bar, powered by an Alpine MRX-V60 5 channel . I have a SoloBaric L5 Kicker in a ported Kicker Truck Box on the mono side of the amp.

I have a hard top and it sounds pretty decent, but I definitely want it louder. I want to add a 6.5 component set, and 6x9's, and this will probably be all of the speakers I will add, no more room to add mids and highs after this so I want to do it right. I have a Rockford T-600-4 BNIB, and will soon have a 25 to life Punch 150 to power two 12's and replace the Kicker box and I have a chance to pick up an Image Dynamics Q450 for 265.00. I believe I am going to get a good set of Image Dynamics components and remain undecided on the 6x9's.

I am thinking of ditching the Alpine 5 channel and adding the T-600-4 and Image Dynamics q450 for mids and highs and the punch 150 for the subs.
Before I pull the trigger on this I wanted to see if anyone thinks I can do better than the Image Dynamics BNIB with warranty for 265.00 shipped.
I am open to suggestions and can spend more if is is really worth it.

Thanks in Advance for any responses and don't forget to tell Mom Happy Mother's Day!!