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    2004 Acura TL

    Hey guys,

    I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to systems, so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

    I've got a 2004 Acura TL, which comes with a factory DVD-Audio soundsystem. The factory HU is a 6-disc in dash changer, which I definitely want to keep. The surround sound is pretty nice, it comes w/ a little 8" sub in the back center, but I need some more thump. What would you guys say are the best brands out there for subs and amps - money is no object. I probably just need a couple of 10's or 12's - I've only looked at Diamond so far. I also know JL Audio, PG, etc. Are these in the upper echelon? What is THE best? I'm sure the factory speakers could be improved as well, but I was told if I kept the factory HU, I'd have to keep the factory speakers as well? True? Anyways, this is getting long(sorry), so what do you guys recommend as a good setup? Eg. a couple of diamond 12" subs and a diamond amp? Is that all I need? I listen to alot of rap, I want a very clean sounding setup, with some pretty good thump(massage ). Thanks to anyone who has some suggestions or links.

    Thanks again,


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    Re: 2004 Acura TL

    Dont have any suggestions but, I drove one of those the other day and fell in love, Hope you like it.

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    Icon14 Re: 2004 Acura TL

    You can keep the h/u and you can change the speakers also if you wish. I have a friend who had the built-in 6 disc changer in his honda and he kept it and changed out the door speakers. As far as diamond audio speakers go which ones are you considering cm3s or what. If you are considering cm3's I have to 12 inch d4 cm3s for sale in custom box, Holla at me!! Great car by the way! :thumbsup

    Refs: 99StangGt, Fandl, IonSQL, dbman150, pdtran

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