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    speaker baffles

    So i got my Imagines hooked up and they sound great, however i have the worst midbass ever so i turned the HPF filter on my amp to take out the bass from the mids. i called up HYbrid audio and they told me it needs to be in an enclosed space. my door panel is wide open and i didnt know lol so i have one question.

    where can i found a good 6.5 inch speaker baffle? i see them on crutchfield, amazon, ebay etc but i did a search and they said those baffles arent good because they dont allow any air to move.

    anyone have any suggestions on baffles?

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    Re: speaker baffles

    They're awful. Don't get them. What you need to do is work on sealing your doors. Fill the holes either by slapping some damper and cardboard/sheet metal/plexiglass/etc in them.

    I just bought some Audio Technix 60 mil damper and put a layer on the inside of my panel, and another on the outside.

    And make sure where your speaker is mounted, is sealed. Use some kind of adhesive, gasket, etc., to ensure an airtight seal.

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