I'm just gonna give every detail because I don't know which part contributed to the problem I'm facing.

My setup was 1 sub in a sealed box powered by 1 sub amp strapped on the side of it, then my 4 channel amp powering my speakers next to it. Last night I finished putting together my new ported box which takes up twice the space, so I needed to manage the area differently. After disconnecting all the wires from both of my amps, pulling the sub out of the old and putting it into the new box, then installing it back into the trunk, I was facing a problem with my power and ground wire length. I didn't have enough of it to get to my amps new locations. While before I had a 4 gauge power wire split into 2 8 gauges powering both amps, each amp had their own 4 gauge ground which now wasn't long enough. I went out and bought another dist. block and some 8 gauge ground wire to clean everything up and make it reach. Now both amps are being run by 4 gauge power > dist block > 8 gauge power and the same for the ground wires. During the process of all of these runs one of the ends of my 8 gauge power wires bumped into the newly installed ground dist block, creating a spark and burning a bit of the copper. I didn't think it would be much of a big deal at the time, but now I'm worried it had something to do with my amps not working now. I don't remember which if any of the amps were plugged into power or ground when the 2 wires shorted.

When I started my car the red protect led came up on my sub amp and nothing happened at all with my speaker amp. I don't understand what could be wrong, other than if my amps were in fact wired up when those wires shorted. What could be the damage, and is there any visible way for me to check to see if any fuses are broken or any way to find where the problem is?

Sorry for such a long write-up, first time dealing this sort of issue. Thanks a lot for any help!