Hey, over the past few day's I've been looking online at numerous car audio sites to get some knowledge about how to build a good sound system. I understand fairly well how everything works, (RMS of speakers has to match amp...and so on). My truck is a reg. cab, with 4X6's in the front dash and 4x10's in the back sides. I listen to a wide variety of music but mostly rap/hip-hop and some classic rock, so I'm not looking for something that is geared toward a specific genre of music. I'm willing to spend good money for a good sounding system, but I'm not no audiophile so I don't need the absolute top of the line equipment.
Anyways, set-up wise, I've narrowed it down to the Kenwood KIV-701 deck (great features, reasonably priced from SonicElectronix 229$). For the speakers, I'm pretty much in the dark. I've read that the rear speakers are probably just a waste of money and are not needed for good sound system in a small truck. For the sub, I'm thinking of getting a 10" as that is all the power I will most likely need.
If I go with the two speaker option should I get a 2 channel and mono amp, or connect everything to a 4 channel amp (I might be upgrading vehicles in the future so the 4 channel amp would be useful in a bigger vehicle [by how much does the quality of amp's improve over the year's or can you keep the same one for 5-7+ years?]). Or on the other hand, is it better to have 4 speakers with a 4 channel and mono amp, or a 2channel and mono amp for the dash speakers and sub, and run the 4x10's off the deck??????
Also how do you tell what speaker will preform well and is of good quality (based on RMS, sensitivity dbl rating etc). From what I understand you want something that is around 50-70watts RMS for someone who does not crank their speakers to full volume and a dbl rating above 90. Also what general sound quality is associated with speaker brands, and what are some good brands out there. I've read that alpine, infinity and pioneer seem like good brands.
If anyone would be kind enough to lend me some help it would be much appreciated. THANKS!