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Reload Thread: Help me build a bad *** system!!

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    Icon6 Help me build a bad *** system!!

    I have installed systems before... But unfortunately they have been in cars with plenty of trunk space!! This time I need help which is why after countless and reading forums and blah blah blah. So I am asking for help with what to buy. I am installing a brand new system in my truck 2011 Silverado Regular Cab.. I am redoing the whole thing Head unit, Door speakers, Back Speakers, Subwoofer (1 or 2) still in a toss up. I only have $750.00 and would like to have a little left over.

    Any advice/ criticism would be great!

    The only problem I am really running into is what brand, how many subs 1 or 2, and how do I put it behind my seat as in build my own box or buy a prefab.

    O and im sorry in advance if this thread has already been started somewhere else.

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    Re: Help me build a bad *** system!!

    If you can get 2 subs in there and you want that much bass go for 2 subs and i nice comp set brands is going to be up to you and what fits your budget.
    i like rockford fosgate but i dont own a piece of there equipment.

    Custom car modifications

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    Re: Help me build a bad *** system!!

    750 dollars for amps, speakers, subwoofers, a head unit, wiring, etc.? That seems like an awfully low budget.

    JVC Arsenal KD-A525 Headunit $99.99
    MB Quart RLP254 $72.95
    Cadence TXA-1502 $84
    Morel Maximo 6.5" Components $169.99
    Morel Maximo 4" Coaxials $76.04
    Cadance F400-4 $94.99
    4 Gauge Wiring Kit $19.99
    Terminal Block $13.99
    Additional R.C.A.'s $8.99 x 2
    PAC Interface Adapter - Required to Keep Chimes $54.09
    Factory Steering Wheel Control Interface $37.95

    That brings the total to $741.96 before any shipping or taxes. Most of the places I've pointed out have free shipping. You'd also need a box obviously, so throw in another few dollars for that. You'd also need another set of terminal endings, but that's like five dollars.

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