Hey guys, long time forum junkie first time poster here. Feel free to move this if I posted in the wrong section.

Ok, back to the topic at hand!

I recently picked up a 2005 Mustang GT coupe. I used to be into Car Audio and doing installs in as many vehicles as my friends and family would allow. However after losing multiple systems to the thieves of the world I gave up on the hobby. Now Iím a bit older and live in a better area so installing a system in my new car seems like a great way to get back into the hobby.

Couple things to consider when giving advice. Currently I already own a JL Audio Slash 500/1 to run a couple subs. Iíll need everything else. Iím interested in sound quality over quantity but donít want to break the bank doing so. So keep all suggestions with that in mind. I donít need the best and prefer to save money where I can. Pretty much I want to get two subs, under 200$ a piece lower if possible, then build a system around them that fits my car.

Currently the car has a shaker 500 audio system in it which Iíll be gutting completely. The car doors have a 5x7/6x8 hole and an 8Ē sub hole. I plan on using these two holes to install one set of co-axels and one set of components. I know I can get an adapter for the component to fit in the 6x8 hole and I plan on custom fabricating an adapter for the co-axels to fit into the 8Ē holes. There appears to be plenty of room for any crossovers needed for the door speakers to be installed in the door. I plan on drilling holes for one set of tweeters. Iíve considered installing mid-bass speakers in the sub hole but from what Iíve read there arenít many options for the sub hole due to the depth of the sub box in the door. Also, I want to car to appear stock so I donít want to do any additional custom work other than the tweeters. Iíll be removing the rear deck speakers and leaving the holes open for the bass to travel thru them.

-Subs (the important part haha)
To be honest I love JL Audio, kind of a fanboy. I always bought their products in the past and I kinda want to do it again. However from what Iím reading and hearing at local shops that with the system Iím building I could save money and still get the performance I want but from another brand. I also felt like 2-10Ē W0 would be enough for me. The local shops think that with the amp I have that I need to go with a better speaker than the W0. I saw some decent reviews on some Kenwood subs that Sonic has for 50$ a piece so Iím considering going that route. Iím looking for decent quality and at that price range it seems pretty nice however i could be mistaken and these could be horrible. If I could get under 100$ for each sub it would be ideal. 10Ē W0 can meet that.

I do want to keep the enclosure sealed and somewhat small. So .65 cu ft per speakers is ideal, please keep that in mind. I listen to all kinds of music but in the end I want to have a small sub box so I can get to my spare tire, this is my daily driver.

-Head Unit
Iím looking at the Kenwood head units due to pricing and available options. Trying to keep it around 200$, all I really need is a system that has 4volt outputs and hooks up to my iphone. I like the idea of having a hands free system for my phone in it as well. Iím open to suggestion but Iíll probably get something in the 200-300$ range.

-6ĹĒ Components, Co-axels and an Amp to run them.
Iím completely open to suggestion here. Iíd like to spend under 100$ for each set and under 200$ for an amp to run them. So lets consider a 300$ budget but if we need to get closer to 400$ to match the output of the subs then so be it. Again, good sounding speakers are the goal but keeping a budget in mind is key.

Thanks for any input guys, Iím going to be planning this over the next month then buying the parts over the next two months so Iím not looking for ďSUPER DEALSĒ right now because I need to buy the system in pieces and over time. Also, once I get the parts picked out Iíll be inquiring more about a custom box and wiring. Iíve read plenty of forums related to my car so I have a general idea of what I want to do.

Thanks for any tips or help. Also feel free to just leave a link, Iím well aware of the real info being hidden in old threads that are sometimes hard to dig up for new comers.

Many thanks,