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Reload Thread: Looking for someone to do amp repair

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    Looking for someone to do amp repair

    I have a Alpine PDX 1.1000 that needs repaired. No clue what is wrong with it, it worked fine and now it doesnt!

    Just was wondering who was the best at amp repair on the forum?

    Current Set Up:
    1998 Grand Prix GTP Coupe
    Kenwood BT-900 Head Unit
    Memphis Power Reference PR-50.4 for the front stage
    Mmats 2100.2 amp (Want a Sundown 2500+)
    Bose Tweeters, RF T series 6.5's, Need some 6x9
    Ascendant Audio Mayhem 15 with stage 2 coil mod (in the back seat for now!)
    850 CCA front battery, NSB 180-FT rear battery
    2 runs of 0 guage, 1 run 4 gauge, Stinger RCA's
    Looking for H.O alt, 6x9 speakers, tweeters, JL 300/4,

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    Re: Looking for someone to do amp repair

    Sorry to thread jack but I have a PDX 4.100 that needs repair also. It plays but heavy distortion cuts in and out

    Head Unit: Alpine Ixa-W404
    Front Stage: Alpine Type X 5.25 Component Speakers
    Front Stage Amp: JL 300v2.2
    Rear Stage: 4 Infinity Kappa Perfect 6x9s
    Rear Stage Amp: Stetsom 600.4
    Subs: 2 Sundown Nightshade V.2 15s Spl Coil Upgrades
    Enclosure: Building 6^3 ft Tuned to 32 hz
    Sub Amps: 2 Sundown 3000ds
    Batts: kinetik 1400, 2400, Looking for 2 more 2400 equivalents or better
    250a Mechman HO Alt

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    Re: Looking for someone to do amp repair

    I have a very good local amp repair guy has done alot of work for me

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