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Reload Thread: Starting a New System In a Honda Fit

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    Starting a New System In a Honda Fit

    Hey guys,

    First post here... In two versions!

    In Depth, Long Version
    I just decided that I am going to upgrade my stock stereo system in my car because, frankly the system while better than a lot of stock systems, just doesn't cut it for me. I work out of my car so I spend roughly 32-40 hrs/week in it and I figure that I might as well be able to have a good sounding system to listen to. I have picked out the head unit but beyond that, I really don't know what to go with.

    A little information:
    -Sound quality is much more important than loudness and heavy-hitting bass. I like nice deep ends but not something so big that it raddles my trunk/rear view mirrors. Smooth highs are also important.
    -I listen to a lot of instrumental music (classical/jazz/showtunes/etc) but overall I listen to a little bit of everything really.
    -I drive a 2008 Honda Fit and I will be putting this system together piece by piece as I get the money for the gear.
    -the car has 4 speakers. 2 in the front doors and 2 in the rear.

    First thing to get upgraded will be the head unit. Right now, I am pretty sold on the Alpine IVA-W505 being housed in a Metra Double DIN dash kit for the car.
    Alpine Head Unit
    Metra Dash Kit

    Beyond this I don't know what to go with. The head unit only outputs 15 watts x 4ch. Should I get a 4ch amp for the door speakers? It looks like Alpine sells a power pack that up's the output to 45 watts x 4ch but I don't know if it's worth it. It's $150
    At home, I use Polk Audio speakers and I really like their tonal qualities but I don't know how they fare in the auto world. I've also been looking at MB Quart but a lot of people say that they aren't what they used to be. What kind of Speakers would you use with that head unit?

    The sub will be that last thing on my priority list. I don't want to be thumping around town. Just something to fill in the low ends and not overpower the highs (as so many aftermarket setups that I see do). I was thinking maybe an 8". Would that be right? What kind of wattage should I look at in an amp?

    Short Version
    I'm upgrading the stock system in my 2008 Honda Fit. I have decided on the Alpine IVA-W505 head unit and have no idea where to go from there. I'm more concerned about audio quality and tonal balance than loudness and massive bass; just enough bass to accentuate the highs, not overpower them. What would you go with in the ways of speakers and amps?


    The Car:

    The Dash:

    The Stock Head Unit:

    Front Door Speakers (6 1/2" I think)

    Rear Door Speakers:

    Trunk Space:
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    Re: Starting a New System In a Honda Fit

    if i were you, i'd do a good 5 channel. replace all the stock speakers, front with a component set, do a nice 10 in a ported box

    Here is my feedback Thread:

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