Alright so I moved everything into a large addition above the garage here since the room is huge and doesn't heat up quite as much. Setup my sub and when I came to listen to it I literally couldn't hear a sound no matter where in the room I was. The sub was moving about 1" both ways and all that was happening as the floor shaking lol. Moved it around a bit and got it to a point where I can hear higher notes (>55Hz) really loud, but anything below that sounds TERRIBLE. On white girl, the high note comes out fine but the second the low note hits there is no sound, except for this high pitched ring that fades off when the kick hits.

In my other room it had no issues whatsoever hitting the full spectrum, but it's like in this room it's turned the sub into a giant bandpass or something which is quite obnoxious. My enclosure is sub up port in front. At the moment the sub is in the corner with the port pointed to the wall, and about 4" from the wall. Normally this would give you better low end cause it's in a sense extending the port, but it just seems to mess with the sound...

The room is about 30' long, 15' wide, and the ceiling is at an angle where one side is about 10' high and the other 15'. If you don't understand that I can do a quick thing in sketchup and show you what I mean.

CLIFFS: Put my sub in a different room and no matter where I put it I get absolutely nothing below 40-45Hz. When a low note hits it just sounds like a high pitched ring.