first off, glad to have found this forum via Yahoo search engine. I have been reading it for a week and have decided to make my first post tonight.

I ordered a Lincoln Aviator (virtually identical in setup to ford explorer) that will arrive in about 6-8 weeks. That vehicle comes standard with four 5X7's (one each of the four front doors). In my current vehicle I have a pair of 6.5 Directed (DEI coaxials) powered by a Directed 400 amp (two channel)... specs right here

I am taking the speakers and amp out of that vehicle and will definitely use the amp to do something in the Aviator.

I have read a lot here and on other boards about just putting components in the front and adding a sub box to the rear......... leaving the rear doors empty.

I am keeping the stock head unit in tact for now. It's a six disc changer that is Sirius ready. all I need to do is add the antenna and subscribe to the service.

The sub that I was looking at was the JL power wedge with the 10inch (10Wo-4). That would be powered by an amp mounted in the wall of the SUV with some quick disconnects if I needed the cargo space.

I am going for sound quality over SPL..

here are my questions..

1. I am looking that the CDT Classic 6.5 components for the front.

2. Do I just do a component set in the front or do I use my 6.5 directed coaxials in the rear doors or do I go with a nice pair of 5X7's? I do have concerns about those riding in the second row seats sitting in a dead zone of sound.

3. Where do I use that directed amp? to power the front components? or to power four speakers with the inability to fade because it's a two channel amp?

4. Do I use the directed for the front components and then buy two more amps for the rear and sub or find one amp that can do both?

Thanks in advance of any and all advice