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    Icon30 front speaker controls?

    I am setting up my system currently and I will be running an amplifier to my front door speakers, I have never done this before I have only ran amplifiers to subwoofers. So I have some questions,

    Since the front speakers will be ran to the amplifier and not the head units front speaker wiring, what will adjust the settings of the front speakers?

    for instance, the head unit has the option of changing the subwoofer level input.

    but what will adjust the front speakers? will I just adjust their settings on the amplifier? or do head units usually have settings for the second amp if there is RCA outs for a second amp?

    the head unit is a Alpine CDE-9874
    the amp is an audiobahn A752DP

    and from what I could tell the amp has a Bass Boost, Gain & another one that I think started with an "I" that you adjust.


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    Re: front speaker controls?

    your deck will be controlling them. i doubt the deck will have a individual setting for each RCA. the fronts will be just amped. so anything you wouldve done before is still controlled through your deck. hope that helps

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    Re: front speaker controls?

    That head unit has 4 channel RCA outputs. one pair are for the front speaker amp and will be controlled by the HU fader, balance, and EQ. The other pair are for rear/subwoofer and will be controlled by the sub level on the HU. You want to have two pairs of RCA cables running from the head unit to your amp locations. The HU also has a HPF on the speaker and front RCA outputs. The amplifier should also have crossover settings. you want a High Pass Filter (HPF) set around 80Hz, or where your subwoofer LPF is. I can't see for sure what crossover settings are available on the Audiobahn.

    for setting your gain, I typically recommend using a DMM or Oscilloscope so you don't have to rely on your ears. If you have the Autosound 2000 CD #102 you can use some of the tracks to tune by ear (once you can identify what clipping sounds like). let us know if you need help with your gain setting.

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