OK, so I basically have no idea when it comes to car audio setups and I've been checking out this forum for a few days and I'm hoping to get some input on what direction to take in upgrading my system. Its a completely stock '99 Camaro with Monsoon. I'd ideally keep the amp and HU and just replace the speakers but I am slightly open to replacing the amp if I had to. I do like to keep the stock look for now at least. I would however like to have the option to upgrade the HU later without having to replace the speakers again. There's a sponsor on LS1Tech who has a CDT package to use with the stock HU/amp. So, how would this setup do? and could I do better for the same money? I'd like to keep cost down and have it sound good, not show worthy. The car has 6-3/4's in the doors, 6-3/4's in the rear seat area and 4's in the hatch. Would you recommend using all 6 speakers or kill the hatch or the rears? I listen to everything from Rock to Classical to Rap but the car is mostly a summer car so I'd like it to be somewhat bassy when the T-Tops are off and I'm riding around. Thanks in advance.

I couldn't post a link to Kee Audio but google it and click on Firebird/Camaro packages. I'm looking at the standard $289 setup.

- Jake