I've got a 2011.5 Volvo XC60 on order (scheduled to arrive in June) with the premium audio and navigation package. I'm fond of the stereo system overall, has all the features I want like steering wheel controls, bluetooth, USB, Aux, and a very good overall sound in my opinion. My only gripe is the lack of a factory subwoofer, there isn't much low-end bass to speak of, and I miss it. I want to add an amp and sub, which would normally be easily achieved by using a LOC and wiring it in, but the Dolby Surround Processor may or may not cause me problems.

Factory setup:
12 speakers, center channel with a tweet and mid, front doors have a 6.5" woofer, 2.5" mid, and 1" tweeter, rear doors have the 6.5" woofer and tweeter. I want to add either a 10" or 12" IDQV3 and a 500-600watt high quality amp.

1) No factory sub, so nowhere to easily tap a sub-bass signal.
2) Connection from the head unit to amp is a single optical cable, so no way to tap into speaker wires before the Dolby processor.
3) Brand new audio system that was brought in midway through the 2011 model year (IE no literature available and no experience from others to build off of)


My possible solution is to use a device like the MTX re-Q or AudioControl LC2i. Both of these supposedly restore bass that is lost when factory systems try to protect the speakers from damage. If I tap into each of the two rear door woofers, I *think* I can get a full bass signal, but others have told me that due to the Dolby surround feature that I won't get the full bass signal and instead will get a signal that has been crossed over at a level designed for mid-bass, not sub-bass. If this were the case, how would a sub sound that is crossed over fairly high? Would it even work?

Does anyone think this solution will work? Anyone have any other suggestions? I've tried researching other premium audio systems with surround sound (IE BMW and Mercedes) but they all have built in subwoofers so it's easy to get a signal from there.

I would really appreciate any help or guidance, I'm open to suggestions as long as I get to keep the factory system, I also don't want to install something like a JBL MS-8 or Audison Bit-One, that's way to expensive and complex just to add a subwoofer.

Thanks for any help!

edit: just thought about this, maybe this thread belongs in the installation help section. Sorry about that if it does. Mods feel free to move it, won't hurt my feelings any. Thanks!