From what I have heard (people talking about and personaly hearing the product) the Boston Acoustic Z's are some of the best component speakers out there. Though no one on the forums talk about them, maybe cuz of the price? Well I have some BA 4x6 746 Full Range Components and I'm very impressed with them so is everyone that hears them. I kinda want to stick with the same company for speakers, so I was wondering what everyone thought about the Z5 and the Z6. I was also looking into the ProSeries 6.5's. I will most likely just put them in some kick panels. The only other thing I would consider getting is some Diamond Audio HEX's, or some Focals. But I get some good discounts on Bostons and I can get them warrantied, btw it the truck is a 1990 Chevy C1500.

On the other note I have 4 12" Alpine Type R's with a RF 1501bd (375WRMS to each @ 2 ohms). I was wondering if I should add another 1501bd or gett another amp to give them 600WRMS @ 2 to get the most out of them. Is this worth it, will it make an improvment? They are already in a custom bandpass box, cuz I have a blowthrough. If it is sould I just get another 1501bd and keep the gains down, or is there an amp that will put out 2400WRMS @ 2 ohms and is 2 ohm stable?