The 6 disc CD changer/Receiver in my '02 Accord is no longer working. I've got 96000 miles on the car so I'm probably not going to be owning the car more than 3 more years.

I'm wanting to get a fair quality CD/Receiver/MP3 unit to put in it without spending over $120 or so for the unit.

2 that seem to be pretty good at least from the few reviews I've read):
1) Alpine CDE-121 ($110)
2) Kenwood KDC 248U ($110)

Others that are in the price range but I haven't read/heard much about are:
A) Pioneer DEH-1300MP ($70)
B) Sony CDXGT250MP ($75)
C) JVC KD-R310 ($80)
D) Sony CDXGT240 ($85)
E) Sony CDXGT350MP ($90)
F) Kenwood KDC-MP345U ($100)
G) Alpine CDE-100 ($100)
H) Pioneer DEH-3300 UB ($100)
I) Sony CDXGT550UI ($110)
J) JVC KDHDR44 ($120)

How important is it to have an USB port in the unit?

Forgive me for my ignorance...I haven't shopped for auto stereo equipment for 17 years. I think the guy today said something to the effect that you could charge your MP3 player through the USB port, transfer music over, and control the songs on your MP3 player through it?

Thanks for any advice or input you can give.