Hi guys, I'm looking for someone in San Antonio who is knowledgeable with car audio, and would be willing to help me out. I need to find someone with a system and test some amps and audiocontrol units for me. I'd be willing to pay for their time and effort...as long as it's reasonable. I obviously don't have a system in my car, which is why I'm asking. Long story short, I'm installing a stereo in my boat, and somehow I ended up with way more car audio stuff than I need. I want to be doubly sure everything works even though some of it's new, and I also need to decide what to keep and what to get rid of. Below is what I want to test...if anyone can help me I'd be forever grateful.

Exile 2400.1
Exile 1200.1
Exile 800.4
Hifonics BXI 2008D
Hifonics ZXI 6408

And if possible, an Audiocontrol 6XS, Audiocontrol Epicenter, and Coustic XM-3e