*taken from craigslist ad*
2 12" Rockford Fosgates and amp
Nice Rockford fosgate punches in a non ported box
200rms 400peak (doesnt seem that much but trust me they slam!!) i can even show u that they pound
brand new cost around 125-150 each depending on where u buy

MTX Road Thunder amp
280w rms continues power
560w peak 2 channel at 2-4 ohms

This guy offered to trade this stuff for my ps3 (which i otherwise will sell for $200) Just wondering how good the stuff is and if you were in my position would you trade. I was very unsure about the amp and whether it would power the subs or not. I don't know a whole lot about car audio so if you could give a rough estimate at what his stuff is worth that'd be great too! Thank you.