Hello everyone,
i am new to this site and need some help putting my system together. Le tme start with what i have done thus far.my car is a custom 2009 dodge challenger srt-8 that i owered,custom painted and lambo'd the doors. I installed the current system and am planning on doing the next step myself also. I currently have the stock nav unit do to the appearence. I used a 3sixty.2 to start with and am running a jl 300/2 for the doors and deck and a 500/1 on the 10w7 in the trunk. I installed infinity perfects in the doors and deck. I also used lots and lots of sound deadener throughout the car. The problem is the sound leaves much to be desired. I am currently ripping the door panels apart to mold in two 6w3's and doubling my amp combo. I also am ready to go with a aftermarket hu for some sound upgrade. I still want the double din setup with nav but would like to run the components active 3way or 4way. Where should i start with hu's and dsp's? Thanks, guys and i will get some pics of the current setup soon i made a pretty killer enclosure for it.