I need your help. I have been out of the car audio spectrum for probably 7 years. I am looking to put a new system in my show truck on a budget. I just listed my old school RF Punch 100 amp on ebay and now I need to replace it. I am looking for a 4 channel channel to power a set of 6.5" components (which I need help with as well) and my 2 JL Audio 10W1's (8 ohm and they handle 125 watts each). I plan on getting a set of Q Logic kick panels to house the components since my truck only comes with 4x6's to handle the highs.

so this is what I need help with...

1. 4 channel amp to power 6.5 components and 2 JL Audio 10W1's (I'd like to bridge 2 of the channels to get at least 300 watts for the subs). Looking to spend around $200 (I dont mind getting refurbished)

2. a 6.5" component set for the highs. Looking to spend around $150. So far I've been looking at the Kicker DS or JBL P660C (although the JBL's are 2 ohm). Any other suggestions I should look at???

Thanks for your help