Hi, I've got an 03 acura tl that used to have an in dash 6 disc cd changer with 5? bose speakers. this is (I believe) the stock system for this car. I had to have the changer removed due to a stuck cd. acura was going to charge me $350 or more to get it fixed. I ended up getting a pioneer in dash cd/mp3 player with ipod hookup. much better choice for head unit for me.

well in the hook up process, the tech had to disconnect the amp for the sub in the back. so now Im running on four 5.25s I believe. anyway, well the system sounds decent but not quite loud enough and gets distorted fairly easily depending on the source. I don't know if the receiver is maxed out on power or the speakers can't handle it. regardless, I'd like to upgrade this system affordably.

any suggestions on how to start the upgrade? do I start with speakers? or if I got a 4 channel amp to produce cleaner power louder? not sure but appreciate any advice.