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Reload Thread: Idea for silverado door panels.

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    Idea for silverado door panels.

    If this is just a dumb idea, shoot me, lol. OK it you have a '99-'06 then you'll know what I'm talking about. You know the mesh grill that goes over the speaker? Rather than building a "pod" for it, would it work to just glass over that mesh to make a perfect mold? Then you could just cut that to fit the speakers you want in there. In my case I plan, or would like to fit a 6.5", 5.25", & 1" in each door. When I took the mesh piece off I could fit all 3 in that piece with no problems. Just an idea.

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    Re: Idea for silverado door panels.

    Yes that would work. I did it.

    1) Make sure you don't build you mid out to much as it will hit the parking break pedal when you shut the drivers side door.
    2) Tape off around the grill (on the door) and glass the speaker grill while it's in the door. That will help prevent it from warping and not being able to fit back in. After it cures I'd put a bit of sound deadener on the back of the grill and a bead of silicone around the edge (on the door) where the grill would go to act as a gasket. Let it dry it dry before you put the grill back on.
    3) You now have the option to buy those "cups" that pepboys sell to seal the back of a speaker off and put that into the hole on the door panel and cover up where the factory tweet was and you'd have a sealed "pod" for it. Or you can just let it vent into the door?????
    4) It would be best to sand smooth and paint instead of wrapping it in something.

    My install

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