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Reload Thread: **Subwoofer RATTLE Noise Coming from Dust Cap! Need Help!**

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    Icon32 **Subwoofer RATTLE Noise Coming from Dust Cap! Need Help!**

    Hi, I have a Pair of Audioque sdc subs.
    Everything is set up right on the amp and sub box tuned to 36 hZ.
    For some reason, one of the subs is making a rattle noise right in the center
    from the dust cap. The other sub in in perfect condition.
    BOTH subs are still super stiff as Brand New with no
    voice coil rub when I push against it.
    The thing is when I push against the dust cap, it's soft and pushes in easily.
    When I push against the dust cap of the good sub, its solid hard and does not push in at all.
    When I try to check for a loose dust cap, I dont see and gaps.
    Subs are just as loud as usual when on full tilt.
    It only rattles when the volume is turned up over half way to full tilt. Low to medium volume, you dont hear any rattle.
    Can anyone tell me what the rattle is because I know the sub is not blown.
    I'd figure it has to do something with the dust cap, but dust cap is not loose.
    Thanks in Advance...

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    Re: **Subwoofer RATTLE Noise Coming from Dust Cap! Need Help!**

    check for a torn tinsel.. it could be slapping the sub cone.. and with two subs the change of noise from going from two fully working to 1 1/2 might not be enough for you to tell

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    Re: **Subwoofer RATTLE Noise Coming from Dust Cap! Need Help!**

    you jackass people already explained to you what the problem was in your previous thread

    how do you figure it has something to do with the dustcap you have no ****in clue what you're talking about

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