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    Decisions, decisions, what do i do?

    I recieved a bit of good news today, yet i am up in arms about what to do. I got an offer from Jesse James Wheels to partially sponsor my ride today. The wheels i have been looking at which are only available in chrome are being made available to me, and me only in black. Im getting 60 percent off the price on them, and I have to show at NOPI only, and keep them wheels, and one of their decals on the car for 1 year minimum. I havent recieved all of my body pieces yet, and im getting a deal on wheels. But, Im kind of concerned at what i should do. Sure, i'll get the only set of black jesse james wheels in the world. And i'll get them at a huge discount. But, what do i do if my car isn't ready in time for nopi? im ****ed. it will partially put me in a bind to get it done in time. money is somewhat tight right now, being as i am buying all of my components, and i dont feel that the entire car will be show ready by then. 1, i am swapping my motor eventually, so i have done absoloutly no modifications to the engine bay yet. i have my entertainment partially done (the system), yet i am still considering revamping it somewhat so i will have to spend additional money on that. I erally want to take this deal, but at the same time, i do not want to disappoint. ho hum, what the **** do i do?

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    Re: Decisions, decisions, what do i do?

    Explain you situation to them and see what they say. I'm sure that they are/will be other shows you can go to for them.

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