Ok, I have a dodge ram quad cab. I need to put a very stealth system together. I am looking at buying a stealthbox that goes between the passenger and drivers seat. If actually takes the place of the middle front seat. Downfiring sub. The only company that makes this box is jl audio. They suggest is the jl audio 12w3v2-d2. I also want to put 6.5's in the rear doors and would like to replace the 6x9's in the front but can not find 6x9's that are shallow enough. I also would like a mono amp for the sub. I now have a 60watt hu that should suffice for the door speakers so...... I want a matching system but $ is always the factor. I have been looking at jl audio but figure that the amp (250/1 the 12w3 and the rear door speakers alone will be around $500. That does not count the stealthbox and the 6x9's if I can even find those. I really want a matched set. Is there another brand that is close to a in sq but not the price of a jl. I am needing to get a complete everything for around $500. I have all wiring and such. thanks a bunch.