After reading over numerous posts here trying to get an idead on what people are using in general these days to blast tunes I have decided to redo the system in my 2000 Dodge Stratus from the ground up. The last system I put in there was really just to upgrade the factory stuff and has now found a place in my garage to blast beer drinking music while I barbecue outside.

I am going to be using a pair of IDQ12V2.D4 and I will be putting these in a sealed box HB212 - Ground Shaker. My Stratus rarely sees 5000 miles a year and is basically a car I use to drive a few hundred miles on weekend jaunts to party every few months and maybe to go to the liquor store for kegs. I mainly listen to bands in the hardcore area such as Slipknot and Slayer but I will also put in some old-school rap. I would like to get an amp that will push these drivers and have room for a future upgrade when I finally get rid of the Stratus and buy a new truck.

I believe the stock alternator does 85 or 90 amps and I never had a problem with my old system which used two amps at about which only had 4-20amp fuses to drive two 10" woofers and 2- 6x9's.

I will also finally be taking out the stock front speakers and putting in a component set for the frontstage and will also be using an amp to drive these.

Any suggestions on an amp for the subs and a component set and amp for the front would be great. I figure I'd blow maybe $1000 on the speakers and amps not including the headunit upgrade.