Hi, I just registered to this forum and I'm looking to replace my head unit and amp. Sorry for the newb question, but I can't really decide and could use some advice.

Here's what I currently have:
Alpine CDA-9856 head unit
Alpine Type-R 5.25 components up front
Alpine Type-R 5.25 speakers in back
Alpine Type-R 10" 4Ω + 4Ω sub
Alpine MRP-M500 amp for the sub
Alpine MRV-F400S 4ch amp for the front and rears

Obviously with my system I'm not looking to blow out all the speakers, just some clean, loud sound. I mostly listen to metal/death metal.

I have Alpine all around but that doesn't necessarily mean I want only Alpine products to replace the head unit and amp with.

As far as a head unit, I'm looking for something that has iPod connectivity, Bluetooth capable, and 3 amp pre-outs. This is all in a 98 Jeep Cherokee, which can accept some double-din units but I currently have a single-din bracket in there.

As for the amp, the MRV-F400S is pretty old but still works. Each channel is connected to each corner of my Jeep. I would like to replace it with another 4 channel amp.

As far as budget, I don't mind spending money on quality parts, but I don't need anything that's competition grade that will make my ear drums bleed.

Thanks for the advice!