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    Amps making noises

    Ok well Ive been noticing some sounds that happen every blue moon. Like sometimes I turn my subs off from the HU when my car is off and sometimes I will hear like a beating noise coming from the subs even when they are off...Doesnt change volume either. I also noticed like this wine up noise when first cutting the car on from one of the amps like its coming directly from the amp and not through the speakers, its also not volume specific either...Bad RCAs???? I dont hear engine whine or any other sounds like if the RCAs had a bad ground as Ive had to fix that before on my old Headunit. So what could this be??? The amps are DSC 4125 and 1500.1

    Headunit: Alpine CDE-117
    Front speakers: Image Dynamics CXS64s
    Rear Speaker: Pioneer TS-D161R
    Speaker Amp: MB Quart DSC4125
    Wiring: Knu KLMX 0/1 GA
    Sub Amp: SAZ-2000
    Subs: 2 12in Alpine Type Rs
    Sub Battery: Deka 9A31

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    Re: Amps making noises

    Problem in the signal circuit (like bad RCA's), or a ground loop problem.

    No speaker, in the history of speakers, has ever been blown by too little power. Ever. I don't care what your friend told you, he's a dirty liar.

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