Hello all,

I would like some advice (pros and cons, if you will) of how I'm thinking of setting up the stereo in my truck. Please comment based on my vehicle and equipment (old but never used).

Facts/Equipment on hand:

- 1988 Ford F150 SuperCab (Extended Cab) currently with only 2 door speakers and factory radio

- Pioneer DEH-P7400MP head-unit, 50W x 4 peak, 22 - 25 W RMS(?)

- Infinity 5000cs 5 1/4" component speakers (1 pair), 225W peak, 75W RMS

- Infinity 3002cf 3 1/2" co-ax speakers (1 pair), 75W peak, 25W RMS

- Pioneer GM-X314 4-way Amp, 30W x 4, 70W x 2

I'm planning on buying and adding (1) 10" sub with a mono amp in a custom mdf box. My question concerns the rest. The receiver has (1) sub pre-out and (1) other pre-out. Should I run both pairs of speakers off of the Pioneer amp or should I run the 3.5" speakers off of the receiver and bridge the amp to just run the 5.25" speakers? I am not sure if the second option is possible, but if so, it should get the most power to each pair of speakers, right?

I'll take any insight, but would appreciate advice that could work within what I have laid out. Thank you in advance.