i have been regularly following the discussions on this forum...but today i need to ask a question from u guys...

ok so here is what i have:

Kenwood Class D mono amp - KAC-9104D

(500rms x 1 @ 4 0hms...900rms x 1 @ 2 ohms...1 ohm stable)

Alpine Type R 15" subwoofer (Dual 4 ohms) - have wired it to the mono amp at 2 ohms

actually i want a good flat response since i listen to a wide variety of music ...( but mostly rock...classic metal...etc)

right now i have a 2.76cuft sealed box...its nice...but not loud. but i do feel the bass in my chest....
ideally Alpine recommends a 1.75cuft for a sealed box

and they recommend a 2.9cuft for a vented box....( 2.25cuft after displacement)

dimensions are:

(1)==>>30.5x16x18 (WxHxD) - this is 4cuft

is 3.5cuft (after displacement) possible...

or should i make it

(2)==>>30.5x17.19 (WxHxD) - this is 4.5cuft i think


the last dimensions are only if its really important - but i wud prefer option 1.

okay so here is what i want in my new box:

1. want it to go low
2. want it to be loud (enough to be heard outside the car from a distance)
3. need an L shape vented design
4. dont know where to tune it...30hz, 35hz or 38hz, 40hz..etc etc...have no clue.
5. I listen to rock 95% of the time
6. is 3.5cuft (after displacement) possible in the 1st dimensions given above??
7. *BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY* I want to feel it in my chest and be loud

thanks for putting up with the long email.

please design me a nice vented box that goes loud and low