Hi all-
Just looking for some input on which way to point 1 or maybe 2 Mid-Bass drivers in my truck. I want to build a small box to sit in front of my center console- It's in a GMC (same as a chevy) Truck- and where the tape player and small cubbyhole is located. I can get about .5-.7 total airspace. I am wondering which way the mid-basses should be pointed. At what freq. does the sound become directional? If I attempt this, will I lose any decent soundstage I have already?I can go ported, ib, sealed, doesn't matter. The channel will be mono, off my sub amp.
Anyone with experience on drivers from the following list would be great as well:
Image Dynamics CX62
Adire Koda 6.5"
Seas Lotus CW170e001
JL Audio 6W0
I just feel like something to pick up about 75 Hz thru 250 or so would make my setup come alive. Kicks aren't an option- I need this to be a rugged setup for a daily/work vehicle, and all the mud/dirt/snow/water down in the footwells just won't be good...

They will be driven with an Xtant 202M 50X2at4 or 100X2at2.

Thanks for any help you can offer!!