my setup is allmost finshed thank god..... ive put alot so far into it only thing i havent done myslef is the box just because i have boston pro sub 12LF anyways i have a 1994 saturn unfortunaly it wont be the best comp car but it'll do anyway my setup is all boston and monter cable and alpine and RF power series pre best buy :P amps here it is alpine 9815 HU RF 400.4 amp RF 225.2 amp monster digicap monster wires monster rca XLN Pro RCA Dynamat extreme bulk pack to go in next thats the hardest of it all of the install .... boston acoustics 12lf in a custom box 1cu ft to fit my saturn trunk nicely..... front speakers boston pro series 6.5 componets and boston NA series 6.5 rear speakers ....... anyways i need to upgrade the amps next im thinkin JL or trying out Bostons new Amps but dont know much about boston amps anybody have any exp with them let me know please amps a huge change for me espicaly for the SQ class im gunning for..... and if anybody has a suggestion on a amp or something else to add in tell me