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    Vented or Sealed

    I'm looking do build a box for my subs. They're 2 Kicker Comp 12" subs (150rms, 300 peak each). I want to know what would give me better SPL, vented or sealed.

    Also, what are some things i should look for when building a vented system? Do subs run better vented when they have a smaller area, larger area? Just tips like this.

    Thanks a lot

    1987 Chrysler LeBaron

    2 Kicker Comp 12" Subs
    Pioneer DEH-P7200 Cd Deck
    Clarion APX200.2 Amp

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    Typically a vented box produces lower frequencies which is better for SPL. You need to keep an eye on your measurements. I would do the reccommended size for enclosures on them too. If im not mistaken the bigger the box the lower it tends to hit under correctly tuned ports, but the sloppier (sluggish) it produces the bass. Later

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