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Reload Thread: finally, back in the game...

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    finally, back in the game...

    Hey guys,
    Finally, I'm back in the game!! Insurance FINALLY came through, repalcing my old Clarion DXZ-715 with a brand spankin new Clarion DXZ-835MP... and all I pay is a 10% depreciation (works out to 50 bucks). The shop that does all my insurance company's work is a fairly decent one, so I'm going to let them install it, free of charge - I don't feel like soldering halfway in my dash anyways.
    Another positive on all this. They're going to insall my DPH-910 for me (again, far too lazy to bother with it myself). So, as of tomorrow night, I'll have my HU back in, and the EQ hooked up. All that's left is fixing up the driver's side Koda (please god, don't let it be too farked up) and then I'll have muzak again!
    Then I get to texture paint my box, mount the K (E-logo 15) and build an amp rack, and I'm back in business. Gotta love it!

    MSN - [email protected]
    Add me if you have any questions!
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    I woke up one morning and found a cop at my door telling me he found my car on fire in the middle of the desert.
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    Some people have told me that the chrome reflects sunlight, therefore the amp doesn't get as hot as others. Is this true?

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    Re: finally, back in the game...

    thats a great deal mod(original)

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    Re: finally, back in the game...

    Congrats, gotta love it when insurance picks up the bill.

    Headunit: Kenwood 50W x 4
    Front: Clarion Comps. 130W :p
    Clarion 1'' Tweets
    Rear: Kenwood eXelon 220W
    Sub: (2) JL Audio 12W3
    Amp: HiFonics Zeus ZX7500 500W x 2 ch.
    Cap: Stinger HPM 1F
    Misc.: Stinger 4ga wiring, Stinger Fuse Box, Neons. :veryhappy

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