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Reload Thread: Apline MRV 1507 or Crossfire BMF1000D?

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    Apline MRV 1507 or Crossfire BMF1000D?

    I have a 95 Civic Coupe and im fixing to do a total sytem rebuild on the car. My previous system was 2 MMATS 12's powered by a Bostwick HCA- 2100. Now wanting a little bit more in there i have decided to go with 3 Alpine Type R's

    Im not really too tight up on keeping everything the same in the car. But i was wondering if it would make that much of a difference if i pushed them off the Crossfire vs. the Alpine? What would you all reccomend? Thanx in advance

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    bmf v 1507

    id personally go for the class d crossfire - apparently its one of the most efficient d classes ever produced so it wont need much juice when compared to the 1507 whicha big muthaf***a.....................the crossfire will also be more powerful.

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