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Reload Thread: WHat amp to run ????? One or more than one ????

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    WHat amp to run ????? One or more than one ????

    First I want to thank anyone who responds to my post!!!! Many Thanks

    Second ,can anyone recommend the best amp to run the speakers defined below .They are Dynaudios 240gt. And also, If I want to run a small sub enclosure should I buy one amp or do two of the same? I am VERY limited for space. The car is a Chrysler Crossfire.

    240 GT
    Two-way; set includes MW 160 GT 6.5 MSP one-piece woofer with 3 Magnum aluminum voice coil, long-throw motor and vented, center dual-magnet structure, and MD 100 1.1 soft dome tweeter with 1.1 Magnaflux cooled aluminum voice coil and neodymium dual-magnet motor. Includes all hardware, grilles, crossovers and accessories. Audiophile quality crossover (X 250) is adjustable for three different tweeter operational modes. Phase correct, shallow slope crossover. Woofer uses smaller size stamped steel basket than MW160 (die cast). Designed for easier mounting into factory OE openings. Frequency response: 55 Hz - 25 kHz; 90 dB sens. 100 watts continuous

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    Re: WHat amp to run ????? One or more than one ????

    Planet Audio makes a series of woofers with the magnet infront of the woofer. Just about the smallest largest woofer in town. And why consider two amps when you just need one?

    Headunit: Kenwood 50W x 4
    Front: Clarion Comps. 130W :p
    Clarion 1'' Tweets
    Rear: Kenwood eXelon 220W
    Sub: (2) JL Audio 12W3
    Amp: HiFonics Zeus ZX7500 500W x 2 ch.
    Cap: Stinger HPM 1F
    Misc.: Stinger 4ga wiring, Stinger Fuse Box, Neons. :veryhappy

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    Re: WHat amp to run ????? One or more than one ????

    You could either go with 8's or smallbox 12's...

    Some 8's:
    Tang Band W8-740C - $32.50 -
    Resonant Engineering RE8 - $33 -
    Elemental Designs E8A - $145 -
    Image Dynamics ID8 - $110 -

    Smallbox 12's
    RE XXX
    Adire Brahma
    ED 12A
    Stryke AV12

    Tiny amps:
    Xtant 1.1
    Soundstream Angina (or A4)
    Blaupunkt PA series

    Contour SVT
    Empty hole > Empty holes

    John Edwards

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