Hi I'm new to this form and would like help upgrading/setting up my system.I have a 2006 VW Passat with an Eclipse AVN-5500 headunit powering Factory speakers.I have an Alpine PDX-4.100 car amp which I will be using for my install. I have 6.5" speakers in both the front and rear doors. I also have tweeters in the front pillars and in the rear doors. My front speakers are shot and I need new speakers. Here are my options:

1.Replace my front and rear speakers with components using the Alpine Amp to power them.

2.Replace my front speakers with components,purchase a 10" sub and leave my rear speakers. I would use the amp to power the front speakers and bridge the other 2 channels to power the sub. I will use the power from the head unit to power the rear.

My budget for this is approx. $500-$600. I listen to all types of music and like some bass,but I don't want the bass to over power the music. What are your suggestions for a good set of components and a sub.Did I really need a sub?

Please help with suggestions and thanks in advance.